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Vacancies- Crane operator - (h/f)

Vacancies- Crane operator - (h/f)

Crane Operator

Job Summary:

Responsible for operating a 70T lectronic, stationary or traveling crane to lift, move, position, and reposition loads. Depresses buttons, lifts levers, and ensures load is safely attached to crane before bringing it down.
Primary responsibilities:

Operate crane under general supervision.
Manipulate or depress cane controls to regulate speed and direction of crane and hoist movement according to written, verbal, or signal instructions.
*Repair crane as needed.
*Inspect crane for safety issues on a daily basis.
*Determine if any parts are malfunctioning.
*Complete job tickets, service quality summaries, and all other necessary paperwork.
*Lift, position and place machinery, equipment or other large objects at construction sites and industrial facilities.
*Drive trucks to worksites and unload trucks.
*Place blocks and outriggers to prevent capsizing when lifting heavy loads.
*Move levers and pedals to rotate crane on chassis to raise and lower *crane boom and to raise and lower load-line.
*Bolt boom sections together to extend or modify boom for pile driving or high lifting.
*Work with in precise limits and standards of accuracy.
*Operate crane according to signals from helper.
*Start and stop crane engine.
*Follow directions carefully.

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11 February, 2019
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