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republication: Hiring a national expert on communication

republication: Hiring a national expert on communication


The objective of the Better Migration Management (BMM) program is to improve the migration management in the Eastern African region in response to the needs identified by the countries of the Khartoum Process, and to address the trafficking of human beings and the smuggling of migrants within and from the Horn of Africa in a rights-based and migrant-centered way.

The BMM program has four components:
1. Policy Harmonization, strengthening national approaches to migration management through a whole-of-government approach to migration and border governance as well as enhancing migration coordination;
2. Capacity Building, providing training and assistance to enhance migration-related criminal investigations and prosecutions;
3. Protection of Vulnerable Migrants, improving the identification, assistance, and protection of vulnerable migrants, especially children on the move; and
4. Awareness-Raising, raising knowledge of migration options and host/local communities.

In the framework of implementing component 3 of the BMM program, we focus on strengthening the capacity of the Djibouti National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH), which is responsible in Djibouti for promotion and protection of human rights in general and migration and human rights in particular. It includes support to the CNDH in extending their mandate at local level and to enable them to better and more answer to the human rights violations which occur in the regions. To this effect, GIZ-BMM support the efforts of the Djibouti National Commission for Human Rights in extending it roles to the entire Republic of Djibouti and thus to enhance their interventions on human rights violations which occurred in the regions.

On that sense , plans are there to support the CNDH in establishing regional representations in the regions in order to receive listen and collect the complaints from the migrants and the host community related on human rights violations. In addition to that, the regional offices will be in charge to sensitize and inform better the targeted population on the fundamental human rights as per the national laws and the international conventions.

Given the roles that the regional representations are expected to play and the fact that the targeted audiences are illiterate, GIZ-BMM will support the CNDH to develop and conceptualize messages on human rights in order to spreads the human rights concepts amongst the target audience.

So to this effect, GIZ-BMM is seeking a national communication expert on Human rights in order to develop communication materials.


The objective is to develop key appropriate messages and choose the right format to enhance the level of awareness on human rights concepts with a particular focus on migration to the relevant target audience. The target audience will include host/local communities, civil society organizations, migrants and the different governments agencies involved in migration management such as National Police, Gendarmerie, Regional Councils, Prefecture , health workers within the Ministry of Health and Social Workers.

The messages must be developed in five different languages such as in Somali, Afar, French,Amharic and in Oromo to be them transcribed through a booklet and 4 posters according to the descriptions below. The consultant will work in close collaboration with a graphic designer who will be responsible for transcribing via images, drawings and simple writing the messages according to the concepts and ideas defined by the consultant under the supervision of the technical teams of GIZ and the CNDH.

Expected Outcomes

The consultant will perform the following tasks:

•Conduct meetings with the target audience to assess their level of understanding and knowledge on human rights on one hand and in another hand to better understand the human rights context in Djibouti to develop appropriate messages;
•Gather the necessary documentation and collect data/informations that can be relevant for this assignment;
•Develop and conceptualize 1 booklet in French, illustrating the roles of the National Commission for Human Rights and describing its referral procedures;
•1 message presenting human rights and migration and the existing applicable procedures after acts of human rights violation are occurred
•1 message presenting smuggling, trafficking of Human being and the penalties incurred
•1 message presenting gender-based violence.
•1 message illustrating the rights of the children;
The consultant must share the messages developed to the technical teams of GIZ and CNDH-Djibouti for comments and approvals.
•Copyright of all the messages conceptualized and developed through this assignment shall become the property of GIZ-BMM.
•Write a comprehensive report about the messages chosen and organize a presentation of it, involving the graphic designer consultant, to share them to GIZ-BMM and the CNDH.

Working languages

. All written reports and presentation related to the consultancy must be in French. As mentioned previously outcomes have to be delivered in the appropriate and different languages.

Consultancy requirements
•Minimum 10 years work experience in the field of conceptualizing and developing disseminations messages on Human rights
•An advanced degree on human rights or related field
•Excellent command in French and in the languages mentioned above
•Good analytical and organizational skills
•Good communication and mediation skills

Duration and timeframe for the consultancy

The consultancy will be conducted between may and june 2019 for a total working day of 20.

Application procedures

Before the 19th of april, if you are interested by this post please send to all theemails bellow. Please note that if one of these documents is missing, your application will not be consider. The full name of the consultancy has to be mentioned in the title of your application
- CV
-Financial and technical offer. All the expenditures related to this consultancy, including travel and accommodation costs, have to be part of the financial offer. :

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