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Recruitment of an consultant to elaborate an internal procedure manual for the National Human Rights Commission of Djibouti (CNDH)

Recruitment of an consultant to elaborate an internal procedure manual for the National Human Rights Commission of Djibouti (CNDH)

Consultancy to elaborate an internal procedure manual
for the National Human Rights Commission of Djibouti (CNDH)
Terms of Reference


The objective of the Better Migration Management (BMM) program is to improve the migration management in the Eastern African region in response to the needs identified by the African countries of the Khartoum Process and in particular to address the trafficking of human beings and the smuggling of migrants within and from the Horn of Africa.

The BMM program has four components:
•Policy Harmonization;
•Capacity Building;
•Protection of Vulnerable Migrants; and

The Programme is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and co-financed by the European Commission.. It is currently in its third year of implementation and the implementation is facilitated through an Implementing Partnership consisting of IOM, UNODC, CIVIPOL, Expertise France, British Council, the Italian Department of Public Security, and the coordination agency GIZ. The program’s interventions target countries in the Horn of Africa region, i.e. Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia and Uganda..

In the framework of implementing its component 3 , that focuses on protection, BMM program strengths the capacity of the national institution for human rights (CNDH), responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights in the Republic of Djibouti,

As part of its mandate relating to the protection of human rights, the CNDH is in charge of implementing a system to monitor human rights violations cases and to advise the institutions to strengthen respect for these rights. In parallel, CNDH instructs and provides legal assistance to any person (migrants and citizens) who believes that his/her fundamental rights are violated to stop it. .

As part of the execution of these missions, the CNDH is organized by law around commissioners responsible for ensuring the proper execution of international and national commitments, with the help of an elected administration team (commission presidency), which is itself assisted by services under the direction of a general secretary and which are appointed and are part of the permanent staff of the CNDH.

However, neither the law nor any regulatory text that structured the working relationships mentioned above supports interventions of the commissioners. Moreover, the interactions between the services of the commission are subject to arbitration by the presidency in their executions.

This situation considerably slows down the work of the CNDH to fulfill its missions so in that sense, as part of our support to strengthen their structure, GIZ-BMM is seeking a national consultant for the drafting of an internal procedure manual which will be worth internal rules of the CNDH.


The assignment aims to contribute to the reinforcement of the CNDH by formalizing and codifying within the same document all the work interactions that exist on the one hand between the different services within the commission itself and on the other between the commission and its external partners.
The consultant will have to work closely with the team in charge of drafting the complaints mechanism, to take into account CNDH effectiveness and efficiency requirements that the latter will seek to accomplish.

Outcomes of the consultancy

-Make a legislative assessment to better understand the attributions and prerogatives of each entity composing the CNDH;
-To discuss with the heads of each CNDH unit and all the commissioners to grasp the expectations andthe definition they have about their work and their tasks;
-Translate these findings into administrative or operational procedures so that they can define the practical details of their implementation and their respective deadlines;
-Compile all the procedures thus established into a single document;
-Conduct 1-day training per unit to facilitate the implementation of this manual.

Working languages

All written reports, presentation, and training related to the consultancy must be in French

Duration and timeframe for the consultancy:
Timeframe: The mission must be executed in March, with a total working days of 30 .

Consultancy requirements:

•Advanced University Degree from an accredited institution in law or human rights or related disciplines;
•Minimum of 5 years work experience in the field of human rights or the design of procedure;
•Fluent in French;
•Excellent analytical and organizational skills;
•Good communication and mediation skills.

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9 February, 2019
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