Material need assessment in threeregions and in Djibouti Ville to assess CIRs remaining needs and evaluation of equipment needs for Tadjourah and Arta’s ones

Material need assessment in threeregions and in Djibouti Ville to assess CIRs remaining needs and evaluation of equipment needs for Tadjourah and Arta’s ones
Terms of Reference

1.General information

a.Brief information on the programme
The objective of the Better Migration Management (BMM) programme is to improve the human-rights based management of safe, orderly and regular migration and to support competent national authorities in addressing the trafficking in human beings and the smuggling of migrants within and from the Horn of Africa region.
The project is commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and is co-funded by the European Union for the duration from October 2019 to September 2022. The project is implemented by a partnership of British Council, CIVIPOL, IOM, UNODC, and the lead organisation GIZ. The target countries in the Horn of Africa are Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda. The BMM II programme has three components:
-Migration Governance;
-Cooperation on Anti-Trafficking and Anti-Smuggling;
As part of the implementation of the BMM programme, GIZ has a dual role of both coordinating the activities of the implementing partners based on the agreed-upon annual work plan as well as to directly implement certain activities.

One of the outputs GIZ is striving to reach under Component 2 is to increase the number of monitored, reported and followed-up cases of human rights violations against migrants, with a focus on women, boys and girls.
To that end, GIZ is working in close cooperation with the CNDH-DJ (Commission Nationale des Droits de l’Homme de Djibouti) on a series of activities, such as the operationalization of their complaint mechanism manual.

b. Context
The Information and Meeting Centers (CIR in French) in region will be used by the CNDH as its central office in Djibouti City to promote and protect human rights, such as receiving and monitoring migrants’ human rights violation. These premises will also be used as a one stop information center by the migrants and VoTs but also by any actor involved in this field, in liaise with social care and local protection structures.
In that sense, GIZ has already renovated and equipped with basic material, one CIR in each region and shortly will do the same in Tadjourah and Arta.

After these first renovations and equipment already provided in the three regions mentioned above, another partner also involved in the operationalization of their complaint mechanism, provided to the CNDH a complaint mechanism digital platform. It enables all the offices in region and in Djibouti City to share data and to more easily manage and follow up human rights violations.

To have well-functioning offices and maximising the efficiency of the complaint manual, GIZ is looking to hire a consultant to, based on the equipment already existing in the three regions, assess the equipment needs for this platform and also in the offices of Tadjourah and Arta the equipment requirements in general

BMM II adopts a gender- responsive approach, acknowledging the different needs of men, women, boys and girls while addressing the specific needs of VoTs and vulnerable migrants, and aiming to generate a perceptible positive impact on gender equality. The methodology and implementation of the assignment thus must adhere to a gender-responsive approach and where possible explicitly propose measures for countering gender-based disadvantages. Data included in report(s) generated under this assignment must be disaggregated by gender, age-group (adult/minor) and target group.

The aim of the consultancy is to provide support to meet the agreed-upon objectives of the BMM Component 2 in Djibouti.
The consultant is expected to:
Identify the equipment needed in the CIRs of the five regions and of the central office in Djibouti City, concerning the use of the complaint’s mechanism digital platform;
Identify the general material requirements in Tadjourah and Arta’s offices;
In accordance with the results above, assess the relevant remaining equipment needed (three regions) and the general one (Tadjourah and Arta) for an efficient operationalization of the offices and the complaints’ manual;
Prepare an estimation of the budget of the recommended equipment, based on the current market prices and availabilities in the Republic of Djibouti.

b. Deliverables of the consultancy
An inventory of the requested equipment for the use of this digital platform and the general functioning of the CIRs of Tadjourah and Arta;
A well-written and comprehensive report on remaining equipment needed to be able to use this platform and for the regions of Tadjourah and Arta on general equipment;
A budget with detailed estimated prices for the recommended equipment;
Any other pertinent information.

b.Working language
- Working language is French
- Good command of English would be considered as an asset
- Knowledge in local languages recommended
3.Duration and timeframe
- Timeframe: Approximately 2 months
- Total working days: 20 days
- Available from July onwards

4.Consultancy requirements
- Relevant post-graduate degree in IT, network engineering or related field;
- A minimum of 5 years of extensive experience in the mission field;
- Experience in software development/ programming;
- Fluency of French and good command in English considered as an asset
- Demonstrated knowledge and experience in conducting need evaluation in equipment;
- Excellent analytical and organizational skills;
- Capable of building strong relationships with internal and external actors;
- Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexity.
- It is expected that the consultant will reside in Djibouti City for the duration of the consultancy and will be available to travel to various regions in the Republic of Djibouti.

5.How to apply
Sent your CV, technical and financial offers to all following email addresses:
Date of application no later 30th June 2020

- On your application, please specify the full title of the consultancy;
- All expenses related to the consultancy have to be included in the financial offer;
- Kindly note that if one of the documents listed above is not provided your application will not be eligible
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23 June, 2020
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