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Hiring for an consultant for designing of posters and one information booklet for the National Human rights Commission of Djibouti (CNDH)

Hiring for an consultant for designing of posters and one information booklet for the National Human rights Commission of Djibouti (CNDH)


The objective of the Better Migration Management (BMM) program is to improve the migration management in the Eastern African region in response to the needs identified by the African countries of the Khartoum Process, and in particular to address the trafficking of human beings and the smuggling of migrants within and from the Horn of Africa.

The BMM program has four components:
•Policy Harmonization;
•Capacity Building;
•Protection of Vulnerable Migrants; and

The program is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and co-financed by the European Commission. The implementation is facilitated through an Implementing Partnership consisting of IOM, UNODC, CIVIPOL, Expertise France, British Council, the Italian Department of Public Security, and the coordination agency GIZ. The program’s interventions target countries in the Horn of Africa region, i.e. Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia and Uganda.

In the framework of implementing Component 3 of the BMM program, we focus on strengthening the capacity of the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH), which is responsible in Djibouti for promotion and protection of human rights in general, and migration and human rights in particular. It includes support to the CNDH in extending their mandate at local level and to enable them to better and more answer to the human rights violations which occur in the regions. To this effect, GIZ-BMM supports the efforts of the National Commission for Human Rights in extending its roles to the entire Republic of Djibouti D and thus to enhance their interventions on human rights violations which occurred in the regions.
On that sense plans are there to support the CNDH in establishing regional representations in the regions in order to receive listen and collect the complaints from the migrants and the host community related on human rights violations. In addition to that, these regional offices will be in charge to better sensitize and inform the targeted population on the fundamental human rights as per the national laws and the international conventions.
Given the roles that the regional representations are expected to play and the fact that the targeted audiences are illiterate, GIZ will support the CNDH for designing and printing information materials on human rights to disseminate human rights principles and concepts.
To achieve an optimum dissemination of human rights concepts amongst the persons of concerned, GIZ-BMM is seeking to recruit a graphic designer to develop information booklet and poster.


Based on messages already defined and proposition of relevant formats, the aim of the consultancy is to design a booklet and 4 posters , for broadcasting Human rights concepts. According the targets and the needs, each of these 4 posters has to be developed in 5 different languages such as in Somali, Afar, French, Amharic and Oromo. Regarding the booklet just one French version is requested.
The consultant will work in close collaboration with a communication expert who will define the messages to illustrate and the best support for diffusion. GIZ-BMM and CNDH technical team will supervise its work and provide all other additional needed information.
Finally, the consultant will have to comply with the GIZ-BMM rules related to design and edition for communication media produced by GIZ, which the consultant will be informed by GIZ-BMM.

Outcomes of the consultancy

-Conceptualize 1 booklet in French and illustrated with designs. The same booklet will be used in the 4 regions. It will gather the procedures to follow and the best practices for the relevant actors involved in migration management flow;
-Design1 poster presenting Human rights and migration and the existing procedures in case of violation of these rights
-Design 1 poster presenting smuggling , trafficking of human beings and the penalties incurred;
-1 poster presenting gender-based violence and the procedures open to the victims;
-1 poster presenting the specific rights of children and the existing protection systems in the Republic of Djibouti;
Each of the four posters will be translated into five languages, so five versions of each of them is expected
-The consultant is expected to submit samples for approval before bulk production to ensure logo and necessary wordings are correct.
-Copyright of concept and all original art work/design shall become the property of GIZ-BMM upon delivery of the product and the source files must be submitted in the format specified by the communication department during the execution of the contract..

Working languages

All written reports and presentation related to the consultancy must be in French. As mentioned previously outcomes have to be delivered in the appropriate and different languages.

Duration and timeframe for the consultancy:

Timeframe: The mission must be executed between June and July for a total working days of 20

Consultancy requirements:

•Minimum of 10 years work experience in the field of design/ graphics
•have already worked at least 5 years for international or public organizations in designing complex information support to the public
•Excellent command in French
•Excellent analytical and organizational skills
•Good communication and mediation skills

Application procedures

If you are interested by this consultancy, please send by email your CV accompanied by your financial and technical offer, to all the following email addresses before the 21st of May. All the expenditures related to this consultancy, including travel and accommodation costs, have to be part of the financial offer. The full name of the consultancy has to be mentioned in the title of your application

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14 May, 2019
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